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Effective Spring 2016. Previous descriptions may have had different requirements. Have questions? See an advisor.
POR101 Elementary Portuguese I Credit Hours: 4.00
Basic linguistic skills of the Portuguese language. Includes article, gender, numerals, present indicative, irregular plurals, idiomatic expression, commands, the preterite, and cultural traditions. Also includes proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Portuguese.
Course Corequisites:
Offered: Fall.
Course Outline Schedule of Classes
POR102 Elementary Portuguese II Credit Hours: 4.00
Continuation of POR 101. Includes preterite indicative, imperfect indicative, simple past tenses of indicative, pronominal verbs, present participle in progressive constructions, subjunctive, and the use of the present, descriptive adjective, present perfect indicative, conditional verbs, present subjunctive, and cultural traditions. Also includes increased proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Portuguese.
Prerequisite(s): POR 101.
Course Corequisites:
Offered: Spring.
Course Outline This course is not offered in the current Schedule of Classes.