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Environmental Technology

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Effective Spring 2018. Previous descriptions may have had different requirements. Have questions? See an advisor.
ENV105LB Humanity and the Environment Discovery Laboratory Credit Hours: 1.00
Laboratory exercise and field trip experiences as applied to the relationship between humanity and the environment. Includes examining ecology and biodiversity, healthy carrying capacity models, and waste by-products and their sources. Also includes designing pollution prevention and sustainable campus/town models, developing increased environmental ethics in our society, and anthropological relationships to the environment.
Course Corequisites: ENV 105
Information: This laboratory course satisfies the fourth credit hour of the Biological and Physical Science general education transfer credit if taken along with ENV 105.
Information: Same as ANT 105LB.
Course Outline This course is not offered in the current Schedule of Classes.
ENV105 Humanity and the Environment Credit Hours: 3.00
Technical, sociocultural, and political information on environmental science and technology for non-ENV majors. Includes ecosystems, population impacts, hydrological systems, air pollution, and environmental toxins. Also includes current topics such as the green house effect, acid rain, drinking water contamination, toxic waste spills, governmental regulation and enforcement, and future environmental trends.
Course Corequisites: ENV 105LB
Information: Same as ANT 105.
Course Outline This course is not offered in the current Schedule of Classes.