PIN changes

When changing your PIN, your new PIN may not be the same as the current PIN. The new PIN will be valid for 180 days.

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You must enter your User ID and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access to Banner Web Information System. If you have forgotten your ID or your PIN, please contact any campus Admissions Office.
District Central Office:  206-4640 or 4511. 
District IT Helpdesk: 206-4900
Community Campus:  206-6468. 
Desert Vista Campus:  206-5020. 
Downtown Campus:  206-6132. 
East Campus:  206-7624. 
West Campus:  206-6640. 
International Student Admissions:  206-6732. 
Northeast Community Learning Center:  206-2525. 
Northwest Community Learning Center:  206-2000. 

You will not be granted access to the system unless you are a current employee or faculty member or are eligible to register for classes.

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